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NeckHero™ Orthopedic Neck Stretcher

NeckHero™ Orthopedic Neck Stretcher

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Do You Suffer From Dreadful Neck Pain?

If you're reading this, chances are you sit hunched at a desk all day, suffering from dreadful neck pain and debilitating tension headaches. 

Perhaps you have been forced to work from home? Spending even longer than usual sitting in a chair that's terrible for your neck and posture.  

The result? An awfully stiff neck. Chronic neck pain. Debilitating headaches

You have the opportunity to make a change. The NeckHero™ eliminates neck pain and tension headaches in just 10 minutes a day. 

Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain

Neck pain arises when your spine becomes decompressed.

Over time this leads to: Pressure on each disc. Muscular tension. Pinched nerves. 

The Neck Hero™ gently stretches and relaxes the neck muscles. At the same time, it decompresses the discs in the upper back and cervical region.  

All it takes is 10 minutes of use for instant relief from neck pain and tension headaches. And two weeks for benefits that last a lifetime. 

Experience Instant & Long-Lasting Benefits

The NeckHero will bring: 

- Instant neck pain relief 

 - Eliminate debilitating tension headaches

- Posture improvement

- Reduced stress & anxiety 

Our Cervical Traction Device is effective against:

- Chronic neck pain

 - Headache & migraine

 - Muscular stiffness

- Pinched nerve & herniated disc

- Forward head/desk posture

Who Is It For?

If you: 

- Sit hunched at a desk all day 

- Suffer from tension headaches and migraines 

- Are struggling with neck pain & tightness 

- Suffer from shoulder and upper back pain

Then the NeckHero™ has been created for you! 

It is best used - 

 First thing in the morning: For all day relief from neck pain & tension headaches. 

Before sleeping: To relieve the tension, stress and anxiety of the day. And ensure hours of pain-free, restful sleep.  

It really is your miracle solution for instant neck pain & headache relief.

Effective And Easy To Use

1. Choose your curvature

2. Position yourself and lay down slowly

3. Stretch and relax, as your neck decompresses

4. After 5 minutes, slowly sit up from the device

*For best results repeat twice daily


Clinically Proven

The NeckHero™ has been recommended by healthcare professionals as an easy, effective, non-invasive, drug-free and low cost treatment to decompress the neck, and soothe tight muscles to effectively improve neck health.



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